About us

Centros Médicos de Reconocimiento (CMR) was founded in Palma de Mallorca in January 1984.

We do the psycho technical tests required to obtain and/or renew the following licences: drive, guns, recreational boats, cranes, security guards, potentially dangerous animals, sport activities, dive, public examinations and work.

Our first location was in Plaza de España, above Bar Cristal. Nowadays, we are next to the Banco Sabadell Building, very close to Bar Cristal, and opposite to Sala Augusta.

In May 2016, CMR Marratxí was opened in Pont d’Inca , so our clients can visit us in both locations, Palma and Marratxí.

From the first day we have stood out as a close to its clients medical examination centre that offers an excellent service. Our medical staff provides professional, quick and efficient medical care.

This is how our clients value us, as they have graded us with a 9,5. The attention and speed have been the most voted qualities.

You don’t need to set an appointment, you can come at your convenience.

Medical certificate for drivers

Certificate for guns

Medical certificate for private security

Medical certificate for potentially dangerous animals

Medical certificate for boats

Medical certificate for sports

Medical certificate for cranes

Certificate for students and public examinations

Medical certificate for jobs

Palma: Avd. Joan March Ordinas 3 2º 1ª, 07004 Palma de Mallorca Edificio Banco Sabadell, frente al cine Augusta, Tel: 971 714000
Marratxí: Avenida Antonio Maura 20, Pont d’Inca 07141, Marratxi, Tel: 871 233142