Choose your medical certificate

See below the different medical certificates that we process.

Certificados médicos

Medical certificate for driving licence

Renew your driving licence without having to go to the Traffic Department, quickly and conveniently.

Medical certificate for dangerous dogs

Medical certificate for certain breeds of potentially dangerous dogs.

Medical certificate for mobile crane

Medical certificates to prove the ability to operate tower cranes and self-propelled mobile cranes.

Weapons licence certificate

For the possession and handling of weapons, a medical certificate is required, which you must present to the Civil Guard.

Medical certificate for boats

In our centre we process different nautical licences for recreational boats.

Medical certificate for civil servant exams for security corps and forces

Official medical certificates for candidates for the National Police, Local Police, Civil Guard, Fire Brigade...

Medical certificate for private security

Obtain the necessary certificate for the Private Security title (Habilitation and TIP).

Medical certificate for sportsmen and women

Medical certificates for different sports: football, basketball, rallies, karts, sports clubs, diving, etc.

Medical recognition for work

Official medical certificates required by the administration and certain companies.